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Our Story

OK it’s time!

Time to share my story, the why behind this business and brand, the bigger vision moving forward and some of the ups and downs of my journey becoming an entrepreneur and a professional cleaner.

Grab a coffee, take a seat and come along for the ride with me!

ESPRIT Cleaning exists for one reason, to help you live more and clean less. Many people think they’re hiring a cleaner to save them time which is sort of half true…who doesn’t want more time? 

But the real reason people hire a cleaner is because they want to outsource work they don’t actually like doing. There are plenty of people out there who clean their house themselves, not because they can’t afford a cleaner but because they actually enjoy cleaning. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

I would know because I’m one of them. 

No one can actually buy more time but what they can do is make a conscious choice to spend their time doing what they actually enjoy doing. This is where the motto “‘Live More. Clean Less.” came from. If you don’t actually enjoy cleaning and you’re forcing yourself to do it, you’re not just losing time, you’re losing quality of life. A feeling of indifference starts to set it, you know that ‘blah’ feeling…yeah me too, I feel it when it comes to cooking haha

There is no part of me that comes home after a long day of work and thinks “I can’t wait to cook food now!”. Then there are people who LOVE cooking, it genuinely brings them fulfilment and joy and those people might become a Chef or maybe not, maybe they just enjoy cooking for the whole family everyday and that’s AH-MAZING! This is how the world goes round and we all get to add value to eachother’s lives. This is how we all get to bring our innate gifts to the table.

I enjoy cleaning and that’s how ESPRIT Cleaning came to be. “Esprit” is a French word that’s been used in English since the 16th century, meaning “spirit,” “soul,” or “mind,” and comes from the Latin root spiritus, “spirit” translated to liveliness of mind or spirit and energy in action or expression.

Honestly I enjoy cleaning everyday, it’s not even hard for me…I see the transformation before I begin and get to work with the only downside being it’s physically hard on the body cleaning 8 hours per day, everyday. Double honestly, my dream when starting this business wasn’t to be a full-time professional cleaner forever. I have a University Degree in Business and Marketing. I worked in Corporate Marketing for 8 years and climbed the corporate ladder working for some of the most successful businesses and brands in Australia. I had a successful career, six figure income, stability, good health etc – life was pretty awesome on the outside but inside I was deeply unfulfilled.

I chose the path of entrepreneruship because I was hungry for new experiences and to discover what my potential was which required me to take a big step back in income, status and basically change everything about my life, I even moved cities and went through a break-up to pursue this path. It’s not for the faint hearted.

Entrepreneurship and running your own business is not just a mindset, it requires a total identity shift which requires new behaviours, habits, thinking and choices.  

How ESPRIT Cleaning was founded

 I wish I had a cute story like “One day I was looking for a job and just stumbled upon it..” Nope. It’s a bit more of an intense story than that.

At the beginning of 2020 (Covid had just happened) I got fired from my job working as a content assistant for a very prestigous coaching company. Without warning, 10 days before my 6 month probation period was over, they fired me. That job literally gave me PTSD. It was such a toxic, high performance culture with no empathy that I felt instant relief when they fired me but none the less I felt completely lost in life, I didn’t know what I was going to do…

I always knew I wanted to start a business but I had no idea how to turn my gifts, knowledge and skillset into a business. I started a digital marketing agency offering Facebook and Google Ad services for small businesses and a coaching practice selling online programs and courses, they both failed. It didn’t matter how hard I worked, I felt more and more lost and out of alignment as time went on, so one day I said ‘enough is enough’. I’m quitting. I’m not going to try so hard anymore.

I wasn’t quitting on my dreams but I was going to make a massive pivot…If I continued going the way I was I’d probably end up with some terrible health issue. I’d already put on 20 kilograms just trying to figure out my life path potentials and fighting off the existential crisis I was battling everyday since I left my corporate career and safety net behind…

By the grace of God I had an amazing boyfriend who was financially supporting us while I figured out what I was going to do with my life and our home was always sparkling clean… because I enjoyed cleaning it. I would make sure everything was spotless, it gave me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment and created an environment of relaxation. 

One day I was taking the rubbish out and I noticed a lady carrying cleaning supplies as she was walking into my neighbours home. I figured my neighbour had a cleaning lady and I thought “that’s interesting…

I could do that”, so I began researching the cleaning industry and come to find out its a thing! I had no idea so many people were looking for help with cleaning their homes. Hiring a cleaner was not something my immigrant parents could ever justify paying for. This was a task they gave to us as children and as much as we hated giving up our Saturdays to clean, it taught me the value of discipline and service. I did what I had to do so I could do what I wanted to do – play.

Our core values

The core value behind ESPRIT Cleaning is freedom. Freedom and flexibility to live your life, your way and to live it well.

Our main value of freedom aligns with our mission of helping you live more and clean less, so you can focus on spending your precious time doing what brings YOU the most fulfilment, joy and satisfaction.

Our Mission & Vision

My mission and vision for this company is two-fold. 

One – we’re on a mission to become Newcastle’s #1 one-stop-shop for all your residential cleaning needs. From domestic cleaning services to window cleaning, pressure washing services and beyond. 

Two – to create more jobs with freedom and flexibility for women and men, like me, who aren’t built to sit behind a desk and want to incorporate movement into their work. To provide more safe work spaces and jobs for people to learn and grow, not only professionally but also in their personal life. Cleaning is a great job for students, immigrants, stay at home mums and adventure seekers because of the flexibility in work hours and above award wages.

I also want to change the way people view and participate in the cleaning industry. People think well anyone can be a cleaner and sure you don’t have to have qualifications to become a cleaner but you do have to be organised, have a vision of the transformation and a high level of care to carry out cleaning duties. The most common complaint people have in this industry is that they can’t find a good cleaner and it’s because for the longest time cleaning has been regarded as a low value job but when you think about it – imagine if your work place or home was really dirty, would you be as productive? Would you feel as good about yourself? Would you be inspired to make happy memories? Cleaning is a lot more valuable than people think. Or maybe that’s just how I think! Either way, we’re on a mission to level up the industry, stimulate the economy and become Newcastles #1 one-stop-shop for all your home cleaning needs, all while keeping the quality of output high.

Why we are different

ESPRIT Cleaning is different because we’re genuinely passionate and proud of our work AND we focus on building amazing long-term relationships with our clients. It’s common to see people saying that the cleaners they’ve hired are constantly not showing up to their scheduled jobs or just aren’t doing a great job. I’ve never not turned up to a job and anyone on my team who did this would be let go immediately. I do not tolerate lack of committment or integrity. I’ve never not wow’d a customer with my cleaning and I’ve never been indifferent or lazy about my cleans. I always, always, always make sure I’ve done an immaculate job and If (by any chance) me or my team miss something it’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we’ll come back to touch it up for free.

Most of my customers stay with me for years, so far, I haven’t had a single regular client cancel on me. With the only odd cancellation being they can no longer afford a cleaner. I get heartfelt appreciation messages from my clients weekly. People can build really strong emotional connections with thier cleaners because we are in thier homes regularly and the feeling they have after we leave is one of pure relief and relaxation. It’s the favourite part of my job. The relationships and connections I get to make with my clients! I have the best clients in the world!

We’ve also had many ADHD clients, people with executive functioning challenges were cleaning really doesn’t come easily to them and thety hire us to maintain their home weekly, so they can focus on income producing activities like being more productive at work and not have to worry about the mess at a home because we’ve got it covered!

Where we’re headed in 2024 and beyond…

I started ESPRIT Cleaning with just 2 weekly clients in Gunnedah (a small country town in NSW, Australia about 5 hours from Newcastle). I was still healing from complex PTSD and simply enjoyed helping people take care of their homes. 

When I moved to Newcastle, I began thinking about growing the business to serve more people and to also take a step back from cleaning everyday because it does take a toll on your body eventually. I was inundated with so many requests from a single Facebook post that I thought “wow this is the glimmer of hope I needed”.

All the failures and experiences that I had before this business had prepared me to successfully run this business. I knew exactly what to focus on and when. Client experience and the product always comes first. Your experience matters to us because your satisfaction with our cleaning is why we have a job in the first place. From the moment we knock on your door, to the moment we leave and all the conversations in between, I expect no less than a 5-star service.

That is our promise.

We are currently fully booked with very limited spaces for new clients and have a waitlist going, so until I find and train incredible cleaners (or clone myself haha) I’ll keep you updated on the progress of our mission and brand and look forward to connecting with you soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and if it feels aligned and you think someone may want to join the powerhouse cleaning team here at ESPRIT Cleaning, please feel free to share our story with them. It might just be the glimmer of hope they need.


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